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A Guide to Bridal Sarees by Sareeme

To all the South Asian bride-to-be's, the biggest challenge is choosing the perfect bridal saree for your most memorable day. Weddings can be daunting on their own, so why add more stress in choosing your wedding wear? At Sareeme, we will guide you on selecting the best match for your big day, with a touch of modern trends as well as an harmonious infusion of Western and South Asian bridal wear. Whether you're looking for a bridal saree with a touch of tradition or a modern elegant bridal attire, we've got your back!

Indian bridal looks and Sri Lankan Kandyan bridal saree attires are, without a doubt, timeless bridal designs. Just like everything else, bridal saree looks are evolving day by day. European bridal attires are undoubtedly influencing the trendy bridal saree looks you see today in Indian and Sri Lankan weddings. Those who like to add a touch of modernity in their big dreamy wedding day can go for the beautiful combinations of traditional and European wedding wear down below.

Materials matter!

Elegant Indian saree with net fabric

Guess what? What you choose for the material of your bridal saree have a lot to say! Combining modern Western bridal materials into creating the perfect bridal saree design is on trend today. So here are some fabric ideas that will fit well for your ideal wedding saree.

Net Fabric

Bridal net sarees are an effortless way to bring modernity into your big day. Net bridal sarees are lightweight and easy to drape. Those who dislike wearing heavy sarees can opt for a net fabric. A quality net material is soft and smooth, which will keep you looking beautiful throughout the wedding. Net fabric can be see-through, depending on the threadwork, embroidery as well sequin embellishments. Net fabric is also ideal for brides who are on the slimmer side.

Sri Lankan bride with net fabric and thread work

Lace Fabric

Lace has been there for centuries, originating from the sixteenth century Italy. Since then lace fabric has traveled worldwide, making it to the bridal sarees we see today in both Indian and Sri Lanka weddings. The intricate thread work seen in lace fabric is alluring, which ultimately brings out the elegant look that you desire in your bridal saree. Young brides prefer lace sarees as the see-through nature of the lace material compliments both modernity and youth. Lace fabric is charming and fits well for slim to medium sized body shapes.

Silk Chiffon

Silk is a timeless choice, and silk chiffon is a stunning variance of silk. This fabric is trendy among many European bridal gowns and there’s no doubt that it will make an elegant saree look. Silk chiffon is light and sheer, that creates a seductive transparency to your wedding saree. It drapes beautifully and tugs your body at the perfect nooks, making it the ideal fabric suitable for all body types. Silk chiffon will also keep you warm and comfy during the ceremony. If you’re looking to create a silky soft and smooth bridal saree, silk chiffon is the best choice of material. It automatically adds a touch of romance to make your big day extra dreamy!

Color Coding

Now that you have picked the perfect material for your wedding saree, it’s time to pick the color. Finding the best matching color for the wedding saree is important to all the blushing brides since it makes you appear more glowy! Color of the bridal saree depends on the theme of the wedding, cultural values as well as the skin tone. While Europhian-style wedding attires stick to white to off-white, Hindu brides often opt for vivid colors such as pink, red and yellow. Buddhist, Muslim and Christian brides often play with white to cream colored sarees, which also adds a touch of modernity to the whole wedding.

It’s also important to choose fabric colors depending on the type of your skin type. For brides with warm skin undertones, it’s best to stick to pure white and neutral white wedding sarees. Light gold and gold also compliments warm skin tones. If a bride has cool undertones, it’s best to stick to the warm whites like champagne white and ivory.

Jewelry and Hairdo

Minimal Sri Lankan bridal jewelry

A bridal saree isn’t complete without jewelry. Gold and silver accessories are the go-to jewelry to create an elegant look. Whether you go for chunky wedding jewelry or minimalistic jewelry, it is important to consider how it would complement the whole saree look. If your bridal saree consists of massive embroidery, sequence and glitter, it’s best to stick to minimalist jewelry. Chunky jewelry with the extra oomph compliments a simple and modest saree look.

At the same time, bridal hairstyles can make you look more gorgeous. This can be a beautiful braid with side curls, letting your hair down or going for a classic bun. A bridal saree look often includes braided hair or a classic bun, but if you want to do something different, letting down your hair might do the trick. For a Sri Lankan traditional bridal look, go for a stunning bun with beautiful jewelry.

Sri Lankan bride with a traditional Sri Lankan bridal hair-do

Sri Lankan and Indian bridal sarees are always prone to change over time and undoubtedly, they are always quite stunning. Sareeme has a beautiful collection of bridal sarees that fits into these ever-evolving modern trends perfectly.


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