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Make a statement in your next wedding with Sareeme’s latest silk sarees.

Silk sarees have been the epitome of elegance for centuries, and it’s no secret that silk sarees bring out the best in you on any occasion. With a smooth soft touch, silk sarees can enhance your features while adding a touch of feminine energy to your whole appearance. Sareeme offers an elegant collection of silk sarees in Australia, allowing you to choose from a variety of silk sarees such as satin silk, pure silk, batik silk, chiffon silk, crepe silk and so on. Perfect for your eveningwear wardrobe, silk sarees are back on trend now.

Silk sarees are a timeless classic, and with matching accessories, you can easily create a refined look that pairs well for any occasion. Jaqueline Fernandez, the Sri Lankan bollywood star was recently seen rocking this gorgeous silk saree with a modern twist, bringing back the silk saree trend we all love.

Still thinking why you should consider adding some of these silk sarees to your occasionwear collection? Well, silk sarees not only create a glamorous look but double as a versatile, warm and cold weather-friendly outfit. Silk fabric is ideal for both long lasting summer days and chilly winter nights, bringing you comfort throughout the day. Better yet, silk fabric lasts longer, creating a fine, new look every time you wear it. With trendy modern designs, silk sarees are more than suitable to tick off both elegance and comfortability in your occasion-wear closet. All these reasons tell you one thing: Updating your closet with a silk saree will be a great idea.

At Sareeme, you can find various types of silk sarees to create that graceful yet modern look that you wish to create for your next function.

Here are some of the on-trend silk sarees to check out this season.

Silk chiffon saree

Silk chiffon sarees are light weight, soft to touch with a sheer finish. Drape-friendly, silk chiffon fabric is ideal to create an effortless sleek look. Lightweight and timeless, Chiffon silk fabric also adds that all-eyes-on-me look to your whole outfit. Elegant yet alluring, chiffon silk is making a trendy comeback yet again.

At Sareeme, we offer a wide selection of silk chiffon designs that are available online across Australia, and one of our bestselling silk chiffon sarees is this gorgeous Lavender Gold Designer Saree. This rich lavender silk chiffon saree featuring a fine, shimmering gold border, creates a subtle look of divinity. If you are looking for eveningwear, look no further. There’s no doubt that this gorgeous outfit will pair well for any evening function.

Pure silk saree

Lustrous and sleek, pure silk sarees add a glam look to your whole outfit. Pure silk is perfect for those looking for a fuse of modernity with subtle hints of traditional South Asian fashion.

Sareeme offers an exclusive pure silk saree collection that is available online in Australia. Some of our back-on-trend pure silk sarees not only suit well for any big occasion but are quite the statement-makers. This bright red pure silk saree, for example, comes with gold thread work to create a stylish look that is both sophisticated and effortless. A pop of color from this ravishing red saree can enhance your party-wear look. With a pair of chunky gold earrings, this attire will make great eveningwear for your next function.

Crepe silk saree

If you are looking to add a touch of alluring matte finish look, you can opt for crepe silk sarees. Ideal to bring out that polished, cosmopolitan look at your next wedding function, crepe silk is a luxe fabric that provides beautiful flowy draping. A little coarse in texture, lightweight crepe silk fabric calls in for a perfect eveningwear finish.

Our crepe silk saree collection at Sareeme brings you the best for you, with this Dark Green Embroidery Saree being every girl’s go-to attire. This six-yards of moss green crepe fabric with intricate floral lace embroidery border creates a timeless look for any special occasion. Add a pair of high heels and minimalistic jewelry to enhance your occasionwear look.

Shimmer silk saree

No embellishment is too much. And as the name suggests, shimmer silk sarees are sparkly, glittery, loud and bright. And they are ideal for your next wedding function. Shimmer silk adds a fancy glam effect, which is ideal for those looking to create a metallic look. Our classic silk saree collection offers a variety of shimmer silk sarees in different shades, with Olive Green Silk Saree being the most popular out of all. This olive green saree is undoubtedly a trendsetter with exquisite silver sequin work and a detailed lace border. Tips for enhancing your look? Go for a pair of pearl earrings and high heels. And never ever forget your little clutch bag in soft white.


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